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Now You Can Hear 85-90% Better
Without Paying $5,000 For Hearing Aids!

Praised by thousands, this revolutionary, powerful device is helping
Americans solve common hearing problems such as—
  • Difficulty hearing the TV even with the volume up high
  • Straining to hear peaceful nature sounds such as birds chirping
  • Struggling to understand what actors are saying in live performances
  • Asking waiters in restaurants to repeat themselves again and again
  • Worrying you won’t hear your dog whining to be let out, or your grandkids when they wake up from their naps

—all while costing less than 10% of traditional hearing aids!


Introducing HearTech’s Premium Rechargeable Hearing Devices

Enjoy better hearing for 70% less!

Here’s how HearTech’s Rechargeable Hearing Devices stack up against overpriced hearing aids:
  • Regular Hearing Aids

    Outrageous costs—most devices can only be purchased through a big-name company, and cost $3,000-$7,000 per pair!

    Insurance doesn’t cover them—leaving you thousands out of pocket

    Tiny, tricky batteries—that get lost, and are a pain to change

    Not discreet—making it painfully obvious you’re wearing them

    Just plain uncomfortable—no matter how fancy or expensive, some devices are simply unbearable

    Limited warranty or expensive repairs—small warranty window or poor customer service

  • HearTech’s Rechargeable Hearing Devices

    You pay only $249.00—that’s just 70% of the cost of the cheapest hearing aids around!

    FDA cleared—Your HearTech hearing devices are cleared for use by the FDA

    100% rechargeable!—just pop them in their recharging device on your nightstand and take them out the next morning, with each recharge lasting up to 14 hours!

    Highly discreet—with transparent tubing so you don’t “look” like you’re wearing a hearing aid

    Wonderfully comfortable—lightweight and slim, they fit snugly and gently in your ears

    45-day Money Back Guarantee—try them out for a full 45 days, and if you’re still not satisfied, you can get your money back!

In addition, when you order your pair of HearTech Premium
Rechargeable Hearing Devices, you’re getting:

  • 46dB of clear digital amplification power to help ease mild to moderate forms of hearing problems
  • Easy Volume Dials: with 4 levels of volume, you can adjust how much or how little you want to hear!
  • Large On/Off buttons: so you can easily turn them off without needing to remove batteries
  • 1 x Recharging Station: to place on your nightstand for easy charging
  • 1 x Charger Cable
  • 1 x Handy Storage Case
  • 100% Secure Online Ordering: checkout is SSL encrypted so your details and privacy remain secure at all times
  • FREE Shipping Worldwide: doesn’t matter if you live in Alaska or New Zealand, we’ll ship them to you FREE

All this for just $249.00 instead of $3,000-$7,000!

Enjoy Better Hearing
When You Order Your HearTech Premium Rechargeable
Hearing Devices Today

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When You Buy 1 HearTech Premium Rechargeable Hearing Device,
You Automatically
Get The Second One FREE
Get an Entire Pair for
Only $249!


5 Year Elite Unlimited Warranty Protection Plan

5 Year Elite Unlimited Warranty Protection Plan

What's covered?

Loss (this is 85% of claims and the biggest reason why you should invest in the elite unlimited warranty protection plan today).

Damage (this is 12% of claims)

Manufacturer defects (this is under 1% of claims).

Theft (this is under 1% of claims)

All other reasons (under 1% of claims) -- this includes no B.S. coverage. If you got a unique problem, we'll fix it and get you a new pair of hearing aids right away.

Total price: $49 USD


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